FILMS PRODUCED & AIRED ON TVP3 (Season 2 – 07-10/2019)

Film Title
1.Small-scale food production and processing
2.Food cooperative movement in Poland
3.Solving logistical challenges
4.The role of Agricultural Advisory Centres, Agricultural Chambers, Local Action Groups
5.Local governments supporting local farmers 
6.Wallonia – examples of putting the short chain idea into practice
8.Community-supported agriculture
9.How the market for local food is changing in Poland in the EU context – are supermarkets the future?
11.Short food chains in Austria and Slovakia
12.Short Food Chains as opportunity for Rural Development

FILMS PRODUCED & AIRED ON TVP3 (Season 1 – 08-10/2018)

Film Title
1.Why produce and buy food locally
2.How and where to buy locally produced food
3.How local food builds the attractiveness of the regions from which it originate
4.Small scale food processing – everything about cheeses, juices and cold cuts
5.Local food systems as opportunity for sustainable development
6.Tax and sanitary rules – what is allowed and what is not
7.Kitchen Incubators – hope for SFC systems
8.Locally-produced food in gastronomy
9.Eco-technologies for Short Chain Food systems
10.Short food chain in the Plan for Rural Areas

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