About us

IsoTech operates as part of an ecosystem of individuals and organisations in Poland involved in promoting, enabling and supporting the growth and development of local markets for locally produced food based on short food supply chain (SFSC) solutions.

Our ecosystem partners include: IGPM software company, JWLP Law Office, Polish Innovation Foundation, Liszki Basket Buyers’ Club, ZZiemi Buyers’ Club, Marchewka Buyers’ Club, Malopolska Agricultural Chamber, as well as approx. 30 farmers in the Malopolska region. We have ongoing collaborations the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the National Agricultural Advisory Centre, the Kujawsko-Pomorski Agricultural Advisory Centre and the Life Sciences University in Wrocław. Iso-Tech is also part of two EIP Operational Groups concerned with SFSC innovations and collaborates with the Partnership Broker Association.

Established by the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation in its current form in 2020, Iso-Tech is registered in Poland as limited liability company with a social mission that builds on over 20 years of experience with community-based sustainable development in Poland’s economic and democratic reforms following the collapse of communism in 1990s. Social entrepreneurs Beris Gwynne and Rafal Serafin are the principals and shareholders.

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