Local Product from Małopolska Certificate (PLM)

PLM certificates distinguish authentic local products from the Małopolska region. The goal of the PLM Certification System is to build,, together with producers, the the supply of quality local products for distribution and sale directly to consumers, in a way that contributes to the sustainable development of the region. PLM Certificates are awarded to manufacturers who produce by non-industrial methods.

The Criteria According To Which Processed Products Qualify For PLM Certification Are:
1) Recipe inspired by local history, natural and cultural heritage (the product has a demonstrated link to s specific region of origin);
2) A non-industrial production method is used, using locally-sourced raw materials that are:
a) From a specified local region (Min. 75% of raw material by mass);
b) Of known origin (Fully traceable);
c) Originating from organic (certified) or Integrated production (registered) or from extensive (traditional) farms, but do excluding GMOs;
3) Natural preservation methods;
4) Incorporation of sustainability principles regarding natural resource conservation and environmental protection in production processes.

The criteria according to which farms from which unprocessed products originate are eligible for PLM certification are:
1) Location in the Małopolska region;
2) Organic farming (Certificate) or integrated production (registered) or application of traditional farming methods (extensive farming).

PLM Certificate Offer for the 2021 Season. Download documents here:

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