IQSell – SFSC organizational innovation

The project entitled: IQSell: organizational innovations for the development of short food supply chains is focused on elaborating an IT-enabled organizational model, which will allow individual farmers producing at a small-scale and using non-industrial methods, to connect along with other farmers, with consumers, to create distribution channels for their products based on direct sales with intermediary functions shared by participating producers and consumers.

Novel solutions are needed for: (1) Logistics and financial settlement of transactions, which re-allocate intermediary functions among participating producers and consumers; (2) Reducing costs for each participating producer; (3) Turning the geographically-dispersed character of small farms into a resource and opportunity that is capable of generating sales volumes based on attractive and diverse product offerings offered at competitive prices.

The project is being implemented in the period June 2021 to December 2022. Financing is from the EPI-Agri programme of Poland’s Rural Development Program for the years 2014-2020. Iso-Tech is part of an operational group that includes: Lower Silesian Green Valley company (Leader), University of Life Sciences in Wrocław, Lower Silesian Agricultural Advisory Service, Polish Innovation Foundation, Malopolska Agricultural Chamber, Association of Liszki Basket Producers and 16 farmers: Ryszard Czerwiński, Jan Szczepan, Kamil Holajda, Robert Kłusek, Adam Bałuszek, Łukasz Gorzkowski, Anastazja Przywara, Anna Sitek, „Pawłowski” Juice Pressing -Antoni Pawłowski, Bolesław Bobak, Jan Piotrowski, Jan Borzęcki, Monika Staszyńska, Grzegorz Grabowski, Marcin Kotowicz

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